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Ticket sales are January 30, 2023 through March 28, 2023.

"Rollover" Tickets from 2022 will be honored for the 2023 Event. Rollover tickets are non-transferable and are good for 2023 only. Basically, use them or lose them. You will receive an email with details if you requested a rollover ticket.

Ticket prices are as follows:
Adults (18+) - $85
Teens (13-17) - $35
Children (<12) - $5 
Art Donation Tickets (18+) - $140


Purchase limits are- 2 adult tickets and 2 kids tickets max (contingent on availability).


Credit or Debit Card only. You are hereby forewarned. Have your card ready.


YOU MUST BRING YOUR TICKET AND A VALID ID for entry into Alma Burn. Valid ID includes driver’s license, photo ID, passport, or military ID. You must bring a printed ticket or a screenshot of your ticket. 


If you bring a minor, anyone under 18, you must provide proof you are their Parent or Legal Guardian. Accepted documentation includes original birth certificate, passport, adoption order or other legal document showing guardianship. You must bring the original document, as well as a copy for our records. If you do not wish to bring your originals, you may bring a NOTARIZED Minor Affidavit. (See link below.)


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