We Burn Differently: The Land

Alma Burn will return this year to Mountain Breeze, a campground on the Guadalupe River just outside New Braunfels. Our home is one of the ways that we’re unique, and it presents many benefits, and some challenges…

Since Granny always said start with the good news… Here are some of the perks of our home property!





So you can see why we think Mountain Breeze is the Cat’s Meow! But along with all these perks, there come a few challenges you should be aware of…




The BIG (and sad) NEWS… The landowner has sold part of the property. With all the changes and difficulties of the last two years, the decision was made to sell the “boy scout field” section of the campground. The sale is complete, and will impact us this year. What does this mean? That portion of the property is not available to us anymore. Unlike year one, no one will be in that field, and we will have a firm boundary (including barriers and privacy fencing), but the new owners have taken possession and are starting construction (it will be an RV campground, so they have laid new water and electrical in that field). While we don’t expect any issues to arise (other than having to be more condensed) the real sad news is that this change means we can no longer grow at this property and are actively looking for a new home. We love Mountain Breeze, and will continue to hold many fabulous events there, but as our burn grows, we just won’t fit there anymore. Literally. We’re a little heartbroken. So, please bear with us this year as we get creative with the space we have, and help us find a home for the future.

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