We Burn Differently: Intentioned Spaces

We in San Antonio identify and embrace our own unique cultures as part of who we are. Alma Burn is our opportunity to infuse burn culture with our own San Anto style, making a new and unique experience for those who attend; a show and tell of our community, where individuals can create and share experiences for the benefit of all. To assist in this growing and influencing of our culture, we have the “Intentioned Spaces.”

What are “Intentioned Spaces?” Clearly defined areas, open to the community, with set intentions regarding their use. We provide the infrastructure, but the community provides the content. These are areas where community members can help shape the culture of our event. A way to “build the burn you want.” A place to focus on what the community values and sees as important. While in these spaces, participants live out the set intention of the space as they see fit in that moment. These are great places for individuals to host events if you don't have the infrastructure of a theme camp.

This year we have three intentioned spaces. As we grow and learn from our experiences, these spaces can expand or change, but for this year we have The Healing Space, The Art and Education Space, and The Sacred Space.

The Healing Space

The Healing Space is a place for healing of the mind, body, and spirit. A quiet, sheltered area in a provided structure (partially enclosed and protected from the elements) where community members can get away from the hustle and bustle of the burn. A place where participants can gift and receive healing, in ways that they see valuable and meaningful. A place for things like active listening, or consensual touch healing, or massage therapy, or sound healing, or decompressing with things like coloring, or simply sitting quietly. The Healing Space is a safe space, with the intention of offering very different, but all valid and necessary, types of healing and wellness. Are you passionate about compassionate listening? Pull up a chair and be available for your fellow citizens. Do you have extra comfort items, like pillows, blankets and coloring books? Bring them to share. Do you need a moment of calm away from the bright lights and sounds? Come in and relax in a low stimulus environment.

The Art and Education Space

The Sacred Space

If you are excited or passionate about these spaces, step up and participate. Utilize the spaces, or even better, become a “curator” and adopt a space. Curators take time during the burn to check on the space, and can even go as far as helping coordinate events, running sign up sheets, or whatever you think would help the space run smoothly. You can adopt the space for a brief time, or for the whole time, whatever is comfortable for you. These spaces are your spaces.

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