Did you know… Alma Burn only happens because of volunteers like YOU!

As we draw ever closer to Alma Burn 2022, it’s time to remind all of our community that everything about this organization and this event is driven solely by the kind sacrifice of each individual's blood, sweat and tears. There is no paid leadership. There are no paid staff. Everything from start to finish is 100% volunteer based. Those vigilant folks at the Gate? Community members just like you. Those friendly faces at Greeters? Volunteers. The spatially exceptional parking geniuses? VOLUNTEERS. Are you seeing the common thread here?

We cannot be successful without community members and Citizens of Pyrodise stepping up to help see this vision become reality. So BE AWESOME and VOLUNTEER! Be a part of this wonderful family of amazing humans.

At the time of this article, we are short in a few departments.


Dispatch really REALLY needs some warm bodies to help staff headquarters. The job is not complicated, it can actually be pretty interesting! Dispatchers staff the headquarters tent and direct folks to the department they may need. Dispatchers also get to do super fun stuff like charge radios and take notes! Plus, nothing keeps you in the know like being in the middle of the action. ;)




So, be a part of this extraordinary organization and donate a bit of your time to really make this year special.

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