Our Mission is to create and facilitate an event that upholds the principles of community, radical self-expression, and leave no trace, as well as embraces the local art and culture of the San Antonio Area.



After connecting at several Texas regional events, a small group San Antonio Burners committed to building a stronger local burner culture based in the greater San Antonio area. Community support was instant and is growing stronger everyday.

Several members of the founding group came together and created Yanaguana Community Art Collective (YCAC) LLC and facilitated our inaugural event, Alma Burn, in April 2017. This annual event reflects the principles of Burning Man, while embracing and sharing the unique culture of our area and encouraging a gathering of our community. Every year since, the YCAC hosts Alma Burn with steady growth in size and scope thanks solely to the dedication of volunteers.

While the focus of YCAC is largely the annual event, Alma Burn, the team works to incorporate the burner culture into the local community throughout the year by creating opportunities for likeminded individuals to gather through social events as well as reaching out to the local non-burner community through art, education, and community service. YCAC also encourages the community to participate through the “Cabal,” a planning group open to anyone who wants to help build and grow Alma Burn.

Today, Alma Burn represents a beautiful melding of burner principles and San Antonio’s vibrant art, music, and cultural influences. Alma means soul in Spanish, and perfectly symbolizes that at our core, we are both Burners and members of this rich and beautiful community here in south central Texas.


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April 2-6, 2020


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